Silent Supporterwear



What is Silent Supporterwear?

Silent Supporterwear is a faux merchandise brand that carries with it a very real message – that silence supports domestic violence. You can’t actually buy the merchandise, but why would you want to?

We aim to turn up the volume on domestic violence conversations in Australia by appealing to peers, colleagues and family members not to stay silent if they are aware of any abusive partner behaviours.  The warning is that their silence indirectly supports the violence to continue.

Speak up. Talk to family, talk to friends, talk to us.

Lower North Shore Domestic Violence Network (LNSDVN)

The LNSDVN is an government interagency which provides a forum for relevant stakeholders in domestic violence support work. Together, they devise strategies to promote community awareness and implement evidence-based initiatives which address the causes and consequences of domestic violence across the Lower North Shore of Sydney. The Network is directly linked through its membership to similar networks in the Greater Northern Sydney region and peak bodies including government, health, police and community service providers.