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Are you a supporter of domestic violence?

Silence supports violence.

It might be a sweeping statement on a very complex issue, but the best defense we have against domestic violence is to speak up. This isn’t the responsibility of those experiencing violent relationships. It’s friends, family, neighbours, bystanders – people who see something; know something even, but fail to speak up. Just think, every time you choose silence, women are being raped, bruised, abused and even killed. It’s a scary thought, and the statistics back it up. On average, 1 woman a week is killed by their partner and 1 in 4 experience intimate partner violence in their lifetime.

But your voice can change the outcome.

Have a look around Get yourself acquainted with the behaviours and traits that are so often predictors of domestic violence. Then turn up the volume on this unseen ugliness. Have a conversation with your mate about not intimidating their partner. Chat with your friends about how you won’t stand for disrespectful behaviour. Ask friends, family or colleagues experiencing these traits, ‘Is everything okay, how can I help?”. Or call us and discuss it.

Domestic violence can happen to anyone in an intimate relationship. So, if you or someone you know is experiencing this type of abuse, speak up. Get advice support and help on the numbers below.